Captivity of Money

The first, foremost and the most significant goal for every living organism is survival. And it does comply with human beings too, known to be most evolved, developed, advanced, intelligent etc. till date. But don’t you wonder if living or existing to survive is a good reason for living? We aren’t not living to eat; to live we are eating. But why to live? Is there a reason as to why we exist? Don’t get me wrong. We do have to live; but what if we can do something more and bigger than that? All organisms search for food, shelter to survive. But it is a little different in case of human beings, now. That is, they search for something different which is obviously money.

But the main thing is that money has now become the first, foremost and the most significant goal of us. We now, can’t think about something other than money before thinking about it. Because as I said already, survival is always the first, foremost and the most significant goal of us, which can be achieved by gaining money. So, what I want to say is that, it has somehow become an illusion for us because even after achieving sufficient amount of it we are not on the track of thinking big, of imagining, and unravelling everything around us. We are actually being driven and lured by it. But it is very bad, as we are not only just meant to survive. If it is, then it is guaranteed that we are not using our full potential. Instead wasting our life by just wanting to survive like other underdeveloped organisms. Then obviously there will be no more any difference between humans and others. But there were and are always a few people in this world, who really thought and thinks very big, and they are only the real human beings.

We are bound to the illusion of money. Nonetheless, since we are with a brain to solve this problem, then why don’t we create such a system in this world where each of us would get their minimum necessities like food, shelter, cloth so that at least they can live without wasting their precious life for survival. If this happens then everyone would be able to think big. Then we would be able to use ourselves to our potential, we will be able to think bigger, better, different from any other species. Thousands of years have passed, yet we are running for survival. This is not a sign of intelligence. This is our greatest problem hindering us from living a human life or an intelligent life. And if we can’t solve this, then every new born will have to struggle a large part of their life trying to become financially stable in this ever-increasing competitive world without even wondering as to why they exist? It’s captivity of money.
Nishanta Das, Class X

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  1. Kunal Kaushik Deka. says:

    Not your classic finance oriented blog. It embroiders philosophy on finance with true to the point facts.

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